Here on the east coast of australia we are pretty fortunate to have such mild winters, the stunning colours of the sky and sea during this time never ceases to amaze me. My friend Mick Hughes enjoys a left we had to ourselves this morning in some amazing shades of blue.

east coast australia


A few images from a recent trip to a favourite point break on the east coast of australia…sunshine, small swells and a lovely point break to share with friends…



One of my favourite images from a late summer shoot with Romy. Some soft, subtle colour adjustments help out here in this lovely afternoon seaside lighting.

Vanessa & Ryan


Four seasons in one days sums up the magical wedding at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney for Vanessa & Ryan. One of their favourite images below of them both celebrating outside after the ceremony…. We all couldn’t help but smile as the conditions suddenly changed from cloudy with heavy rain to clear skies, golden rays of sunshine and a much relieved bride.

Autumn Wedding Byron Bay


These images were taken just after the beautiful wedding ceremony late autumn on the north coast of nsw, we all took a walk down the beach and found some lovely afternoon lighting. These three are my favourites of the bride.