The Most Useful Advanced SEO Tactics

SEO is such a broad term and it is difficult to define or categorise it to just one area. SEO can be used in many different tactics to achieve a variety of results. Most people are able to grasp the concept of basic SEO and you are able to see relatively positive results through this tactic. However, advanced SEO is where you are likely to see the most positive results for your business. It is difficult to define advanced SEO into a few sentences and this type of SEO is usually carried out by professionals. However, this blog will show you the best advanced SEO tactics that you can try for your business.

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1. Conduct data research though end user value

By doing this you must look at Google and what they are. Google is not technically an advertising company; they are a big data business. That means that their purpose is to acquire data from users to further develop a stronger system. You should be using this same type of method for your business. By focussing on your target users’ data, you will have the ability to create better, more suitable content for your target market. What your users have to say about your business is really important and you should take the feedback on board when creating anything knew for your business.

2. Design more optimised landing pages

A landing page that is well designed and easy to navigate is likely to increase your sales and lead generation. Landing pages is all about quality; however, quantity is very important as well. This is because the more landing pages available to your users, the more different pathways that lead to your website. Some businesses do not understand the importance of landing pages and simply direct users to the homepage. The homepage is important; however landing pages are where you actually begin a relationship with your users.

3. Research and target your competitor’s live keywords

Researching and having a comprehensive understanding of your competitors is always important. This is no different for SEO. If your competitor has already done all the research and hard work with finding the keywords and ranking in the top few pages of Google, then you should do the same. You now have the ability to essentially “spy” on the exact keywords that your competitors are ranking for and then use the keywords to create your own better content.

A good idea is also to find one of the best SEO company in Australia and leave all the work for them. A good SEO company should be able to help you with this.

4. More responsive and mobile-friendly website

As you probably are already aware, smartphone usage has grown exponentially in the last few years. Also, this year Google has revealed that mobile search enquires have surpassed that of desktop search enquires. Therefore, it has never been more important to ensure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly. If your website is too difficult to navigate on a smartphone then users are likely to leave your site. Google also offer a mobile friendly test where you can check if your website is mobile friendly.

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