Maternity Photography and Newborn Photoshoot Services

Do you want priceless, beautiful images of your newborn child as they enter the world? Reach out to our reliable team, At Dusk, for the best maternity photographer!

The process of carrying and giving life to a child is one of the most unique experiences in one’s life. It is a time that should be cherished and with our help, we’ll make sure that you never forget these beautiful moments in your life. We provide a range of maternity and newborn photography services, which are designed to suit your needs and wants.

What does a maternity photoshoot involve?

The role of a maternity photographer is to capture images of you shortly before your child is born. In terms of scheduling, the session would ideally be scheduled between weeks 28 and 34 of your cycle, since this is when most mothers feel confident and are visibly showing.

We offer a variety of diverse styles to all our clients. Many of our clients opt for a beachside aesthetic, as this allows us to use natural sunlight and gives the image a warm ambience and glow.

Moreover, some clients like to wait for the photoshoot until the newborn arrives so their baby can be featured in the album. We recommend scheduling the session during the first month of the child’s life to ensure we capture the true newborn experience.

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How much do I have to show?

It’s completely up to you how much you want to reveal during your maternity photoshoot. Some women choose to wear a bikini and reveal most of their body, while others prefer to be wearing a dress. At the end of the day, it’s completely up to you!

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Can my partner be in the image?

Yes – in fact, many of our clients prefer their partner to be in the image with them. Some of the most gorgeous, emotional images we have taken over the years have included both partners, clearly in love and in awe of what the human body can do.

How does a maternity photoshoot differ to a wedding?

Firstly, a wedding often requires two snappers for the day, whereas maternity photography only needs 1 (usually). Also, it’s generally a lot shorter than a wedding session, which will often take up most of the day and night. However, in terms of similarities, our maternity and newborn clients are afforded the same flexibility and customisation that wedding clients receive. We always listen to our clients, so we truly hear what they want and expect.

How do newborn photoshoots differ from maternity?

Newborn photography involves taking photos of mother and child (and often father) all together, whereas maternity shoots are of the pregnant mother and sometimes father. So the biggest difference is that newborn photoshoots take place after the birth! Apart from that the mother and photographer have a little more artistic freedom, as the focus is on the family together rather than on the pregnancy bump.

Unique ideas

We always encourage our clients to tell us their ideas before we commence the maternity photoshoot. Some of the people we have worked with have come up with some great creative suggestions that we take on board and seek to implement in our future services.

Indeed, some mothers like to hold a small picture of their sonogram throughout the album, often accompanied with a small toy or sign that denotes the child’s gender. Another sweet idea could be to have tiny shoes at the front of the frame, directly alluding to the small life that will soon enter the world. While that’s an obvious allusion to an impending birth, some clients like to be more subtle, like holding a sign in the image saying, “and then there were three.”

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A little about us

Chris Prestidge is the main maternity photographer with At Dusk and he’s cultivated an amazing reputation for quality and sophistication over the years. His passion is all about capturing those special, intimate moments between a mother and her child. All images are vibrant, fresh, bright and evocative, bringing a new perspective to every project he works on.

On a personal level, Chris loves to blend the environment with every session, which is why you’ll notice that many of our public albums feature natural lighting and beautiful backdrops.

Our equipment and editing process

For our pregnancy photography, we use only canon equipment, which as far as we’re concerned, is the very best available. While we like to keep editing and retouching to a minimum, you can rest assured that every single image that goes to you in the form of an album has been proofed with contemporary processing techniques

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Getting in touch

So, if your newborn child is on the way and you want to capture those beautiful moments before the expected due date, reach out to the reliable and caring team, At Dusk. You won’t regret it at all!