Sydney Wedding Photographer

Get your pictures snapped the right way! Here is a guide on the best Sydney wedding photography styles for you’ll be head over heels for

Every couple should have a shared vision for what they want their future wedding day to be like. As they say, great minds think alike. Just like the big day, a picture lasts forever, so it is therefore important at your ceremony that you have the utmost best wedding photographer Sydney has to offer. It is incredibly important that you have an idea of the photos’ style before you get in contact with a prospective wedding photographer in Sydney. If you do it in reverse order, you’ll be left with photos that don’t align with what you want for your overall vision. Extensive research for your visuals is essential to a good vision of your wedding photography in Sydney. In this piece, we will be guiding you along with the best Sydney wedding photography styles that will “suit” you and your beau.¬†

Here are the best Sydney wedding photography styles that will be sure to wow your guests 

Classic and Traditional 

These are the quintessential wedding pictures taken on the big day. You may have seen these posed pictures in your parent’s albums on their special day. These photos are seen as quite proper and organised, making sure nothing goes unplanned. These pictures are shot to make sure that everyone fits together nicely and assorted to perfection. The pictures are typically shot at eye level with a clear vision of everyone on the day. These photos are usually taken during the typical moments of the celebrations such as the organised photo session, cutting of the cake, first dance, etc. It is custom for a Sydney wedding photographer to have a session of traditional photography in the album, usually for family pictures post-ceremony. Although they may not be creative, they are necessary to make sure you record the visuals of the couple and the guests attending the ceremony. These photos must look neat and tidy, to make sure years to come you will look back on your wedding photography in Sydney and see all the wonderful people who made your celebration special. 


These days it is common for a Sydney wedding photographer to have a more photojournalistic style to the visuals for the day. This style is also known as documentary or reportage pictures. The lifestyle photographer aims to fade into the background to snap the special moments at the right time without taking away from the importance of the day. They will have to be aware of every important facet of the day, so it’s important to have a wedding photographer in Sydney who can quickly snap the Kodiak moments right away. This is the best way for the photos to look more candid and natural rather than looking airbrushed and fake. As if the ceremony was shot like a news article, they let the event naturally take place, snapping the most candid and wholesome instances when it happens. This approach eases the jitters that come with the event by having undisturbed wedding photography in Sydney. 

Fine Art

If you’re on the lookout for a visual theme that is quite fine, fine art may be the direction you want to go for. For those taking inspiration from lifestyle photography, the fine art style can be your best way to have some creative and astounding pictures. This particular style will have your pre-wedding photographer take photos of a selection of your photo album. These pictures play with colour, lighting, composition to make uniquely designed photos for your wedding. This particular style will make your wedding album look a little more interesting with the help of these groundbreaking pictures. This style has become more popular among film and characterised for appearing as vibrant and charming. If you are looking to achieving a more lighthearted approach to your wedding photos, fine art just may be the style for you. 


Want a photo album that doesn’t look claustrophobic in churches and reception halls? The landscape style has become a popular option among wedding couples, with this feature the perfect add-on to a memorable marriage moment. These shots are typically snapped in scenic spaces such as beaches, forests, mountains, or other places in nature. The Sydney engagement photographer will work with you prior to the wedding to find the right place to shoot these types of pictures. What comes next is a beautiful sequence of pictures of the lovely couple amongst some of the most amazing natural backdrops ever seen before. 

The Takeaway 

It is crucial to have your visual theme for your wedding pat-down before you hire a prospective wedding photographer in Sydney. There is an incredible array of different Sydney wedding photography styles to choose from depending on your liking, such as fine art, landscape, photojournalism to something more on the traditional side. Having a particular theme in mind, you’ll have a cameraman that you’ll definitely go the distance for. Memorable pictures to look back on will just be the icing on the cake to a sweet marriage.