Anne + Martin


Anne + Martin like to do things differently….so they celebrated their wedding day 750m above sea level in the country. Miles up in the hills i drove along windy roads, passing wild brumbies, cows that wouldnt get off the road and beautiful inland lake systems. They celebrated with some of their closest and dearest friends. Annes parents flew in from Dublin. There was a huge bonfire on dark and then everyone camped on the grounds. More to come shortly.




























Tommi + Tenelle


With all the recent rain lately, almost torrential in fact we were ready with umbrellas for Tennelle + Tommi’s wedding.

Ceremony: Clovelly

Images: Tamarama Beach

Reception: Centennial Park Dining

But by 11am the skies cleared and went from not so good to absolutely beautiful…and a few quick samples below as they jet off to spain for a month of bliss.
















Alexi + Grant


I had the pleasure of capturing such a stunning wedding for Alexi + Grant on Saturday.

Perfect autumn weather for an outdoor wedding at The Manly Pavillion. This couple who were meant for each other from day one and it was an honor to be there to celebrate, truly a magical wedding. One image – more to follow…

Lauren + James


The weather this summer for Sydney has been less than remarkable, so we took a chance last week and the rain held off just enough – for the moments that counted.

A few samples of this beautiful wedding by the harbour for Lauren + James with more to come soon….











Anna + Sam


For this particular wedding it is evident that a wedding is about two people, in love, coming together. A celebration with those closest and dearest without all the additional clutter that is sometimes overwhelming at a wedding and detracting from the main event. The bond between two people in love, and the celebration of them coming together. This is what i enjoy capturing the most – the connection. A few quick teasers from a harbourside celebration for Anna + Sam at Rushcutters Bay recently. Thanks to Julia Wheeler for her amazing photography work on this event also.
















Fiona + David


Fiona + David flew in from the sunnycoast in Queensland to celebrate a sunrise wedding…..more to come soon from this early start to a beautiful day.



Erin + Matt


Its not often a wedding gets to take place on a yacht, on the Sydney harbour. Here are a few quick samples of an incredible day for Erin + Matt who were married in the botanical gardens and then in true style sailed down the harbour on a 60ft yacht to meet their guests at Woolwich Deckhouse for their reception. More to follow shortly.








Kari + Philip


Kari + Philip contacted me from overseas and asked if i’d be interested in capturing some images for them leading up to their approaching wedding. Kari is a sought after graphic designer and Philip is an actuary and they both live in a city with 10 times the population of my coastal country here in Australia. They both told me they really appreciated the coastal aspect and so with that in mind i knew the shoot would be a combination of our beautiful coast with lots of breathing space in the images for them to appreciate for years to come back home. A taste below of the images we created together.






The year ahead…


2012 + 2013.
The first wedding of the year happened recently in the wonderful botanical gardens of the south coast, and I’m gearing up for another busy year. Since then there has been a beautiful wedding in Watsons Bay and another on the south coast. This month is going to get busy and I am excited to capture many beautiful moments near and far.
2013. Yeah, who knew people planned this far ahead? I’ve started booking weddings for 2013 already and have some exciting things planned for the year ahead. Looking forward to sharing the ride with you all along the way.
Motivated. Happy.
On the personal side of things, I am a happy and appreciative guy and I want to thank all the people who have been along side throughout the journey, and also all the couples I’ve worked with throughout 2010 and 2011. I had no idea what to expect when I launched atdusk into wedding photography, and to come as far as I have is very cool. But, I couldn’t have done it without all the input and opportunities I’ve received from everyone, so thank you.
I am massively motivated right now to smash the potential as wedding photographer, and can’t wait for all the 2012 action.
Message me any time for requests of what more to capture for the blog or for your walls…